HPI BPC deadline extension: Registrition till 14th of May

Update: Deadline extension for the BPC. The registration deadline is 14th of May.

The registration deadline for the 5th HPI BPC is 7th of May. Please send an E-Mail with the following team information and the presentation for phase l to Nadja.Hatzijordanou(at)hpi.de.

l. Please provide the following team information:

  1. Team name / name of the company
  2. Describe your business idea in one sentence
  3. Contact details from each team member (name, surname, E-mail, team function (e.g. CEO, CTO, Marketing, Finance), HPI connection (e.g. HPI (alumni) Bachelor / Master / PhD student, HPI staff, D-School Basic Track / Advanced Track, no HPI connection, current activity and employer (e.g. medicine student in 6. semester Charité, working student at Signavio))
  4. Is the company already founded? If yes, since when?
  5. Have you already received funding? If yes, what kind of funding (e.g. Exist)?

ll. Attach the presentation for phase l (business idea), which consists of 6 slides:

  1. Cover sheet: Team name / name of the company and slogan
  2. Problems / customer need: Which problems do you want to solve?
  3. Target group: Who is the target group? Who shall use / buy your product / service?
  4. Solution: What is your offered solution for the problem?
  5. Value proposition: What value does your product or service provide?
  6. Elevator-Pitch for phase l with the following sentence structure: For (target group), who has (customer need), (product name) is a (market category) that (one key benefit).