Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Karen Seidel

Chair for Algorithm Engineering
Hasso Plattner Institute
Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Str. 2-3
D-14482 Potsdam

Office: A-1.3
Tel.: +49 331 5509-410
E-Mail: Karen.Seidel(at)hpi.de

Research Interests

I am interested in machine and human learning of mathematics and computer science.

My current main research interest lies in algorithmic learning theory with its connections to artificial intelligence, cognitive science and various areas of computer science. I aim at giving an intuition about how memory restrictions and desired properties of the learner's behavior (while learning) effect what is learnable.


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2021 [ to top ]

  • Towards a Map for Increme... - Download
    Khazraei, Ardalan; Kötzing, Timo; Seidel, Karen Towards a Map for Incremental Learning in the Limit from Positive and Negative InformationComputability in Europe (CiE) 2021
  • Learning Languages in the... - Download
    Kötzing, Timo; Seidel, Karen Learning Languages in the Limit from Positive Information with Finitely Many Memory ChangesComputability in Europe (CiE) 2021

2020 [ to top ]

  • Learning Half-Spaces and ... - Download
    Khazraei, Ardalan; Kötzing, Timo; Seidel, Karen Learning Half-Spaces and other Concept Classes in the Limit with Iterative LearnersCoRR 2020
  • Learning Languages in the... - Download
    Kötzing, Timo; Seidel, Karen Learning Languages in the Limit from Positive Information with Finitely Many Memory ChangesCoRR 2020

2019 [ to top ]

  • Random Subgroups of Ratio... - Download
    Gao, Ziyuan; Jain, Sanjay; Khoussainov, Bakhadyr; Li, Wei; Melnikov, Alexander; Seidel, Karen; Stephan, Frank Random Subgroups of RationalsMathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS) 2019: 25:1–25:14

2018 [ to top ]

  • Learning from Informants:... - Download
    Aschenbach, Martin; Kötzing, Timo; Seidel, Karen Learning from Informants: Relations between Learning Success CriteriaCoRR 2018
  • Counting Homomorphisms to... - Download
    Göbel, Andreas; Lagodzinski, J. A. Gregor; Seidel, Karen Counting Homomorphisms to Trees Modulo a PrimeMathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS) 2018: 49:1–49:13

2017 [ to top ]

  • Zu mathematischen Argumen... - Download
    Seidel, Karen Zu mathematischen Argumentationen eines Experten aus einer semiotischen PerspektiveBeiträge zum Mathematikunterricht 2017 2017: 897–900
  • Normal Forms in Semantic ... - Download
    Kötzing, Timo; Schirneck, Martin; Seidel, Karen Normal Forms in Semantic Language IdentificationAlgorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2017: 493–516
  • Automatic Learning from R... - Download
    Hölzl, Rupert; Jain, Sanjay; Schlicht, Philipp; Seidel, Karen; Stephan, Frank Automatic Learning from Repetitive TextsAlgorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2017: 129–150

2013 [ to top ]

  • A minimal Prikry-type for... - Download
    Koepke, Peter; Räsch, Karen; Schlicht, Philipp A minimal Prikry-type forcing for singularizing a measurable cardinalThe Journal of Symbolic Logic 2013: 85–100

Selected Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

08/2019 International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS19)
10/2017 International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT17)
09/2017 Herbsttagung des GDM-Arbeitskreises Mathematik und Bildung
08/2017 Arbeitstreff en Computability and Reducibility
02/2017 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik
07/2016 International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME16)
02/2011 Winter School in Abstract Analysis Section Set Theory
01/2010 Indian School on Logic and its Applications (ISLA10)