World IPv6 Launch Day

6 June 2012

The 6th of June 2012 is the World IPv6 Launch day. Around the world main companies, major internet service providers (ISPs) and web companies would bring the new internet standard in. Also in Germany there are numerous companies and institutes like BITKOM, some federal ministries, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, IBM and SAP that supports IPv6 introduction.

A complete list of all german companies and more information about the IPv6 Launch Day you will find below. In addition you will see the availability of the main websites in the IPv6-Dashboard.

Supporting the World IPv6 Launch Day

If you and your company want to support and participate in the World IPv6 Day, we would like to add your company on this site. Please contact us at info@ipv6council.de.

Read more: Press release of the HPI (German)

Read more: www.worldipv6launch.org