Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

Communicating Technology Successfully - Developing Communication Strategies (Sommersemester 2024)

Lecturer: Nadine Lux

General Information

  • Weekly Hours: 2
  • Credits: 3
  • Graded: yes
  • Enrolment Deadline: 01.04.2024 - 15.04.2024
  • Examination time §9 (4) BAMA-O: 16.09.2024
  • Teaching Form: Block seminar
  • Enrolment Type: Compulsory Elective Module
  • Course Language: English
  • Maximum number of participants: 20

Programs, Module Groups & Modules

IT-Systems Engineering MA
Data Engineering MA
Digital Health MA
Cybersecurity MA
Software Systems Engineering MA
  • Professional Skills
    • HPI-PSK-KT Technology Communication and Transfer


The seminar is designed for students in the five master's degree programs in Digital Engineering who want to communicate their research topics in a structured manner and present them successfully. The main focus is on comprehensible communication of specialized knowledge to different target groups in different media. The seminar is designed to enable participants to:

  • prepare communication strategies for complex topics from science, research and development for various target groups, and communicate transfer projects successfully
  • apply a methodical toolbox with simple communication and strategy tools and
  • to coach and support each other in the conception and implementation of communication tasks in a collegial exchange

Day 1 - Basics of Science and Technology Communication

  • Input on science and technology communication; overview of typical characteristics and problem areas, good practice examples
  • Input & exercise: target groups and goals, formulating messages, communicating knowledge
  • Input: Elevator pitch training - idea pitch for group work (day 2 and day 3), input on set-up and structure
  • Exercise: Preparing idea pitchs for day 2 (individual and partner exercise)

Day 2 - Idea Pitch & Communication Strategies

  • Warm-up: speech and voice training
  • Idea pitch: Presentation of project ideas, selecting topics and forming teams for the elaboration of the communication strategies
  • Input: Elements of communication strategies, examples of communication concepts
  • Exercise: Stakeholder analysis for own projects and definition of communication goals and target groups (group work)
  • Input & exercise: Comprehensible language, formulating core messages (group work)
  • Input: Communication measures, instruments, and formats
  • Exercise: Rapid prototyping for technology communication of own projects (group work)

Day 3 – Planning of communication activities

  • Input: Technology communication, examples of various media channels, including digital communication, social media, audio-visual communication, press and media work
  • Continuation of exercise: Rapid prototyping of own projects (group work) - focus on one measure, e.g. for social media, and its implementation (communication examples)
  • Presentation of prototypes - communication concepts for technology communication (group work, part 1 of graded exam)
  • Reality check & feedback from trainer and peers
  • Wrapup and briefing for the written assignment

The block seminar can be taken either as a supplement to the seminar "Communicating Technology Successfully - Developing Content and Formats " or independently.






Methodologically, the seminar consists of alternating professional inputs in lecture format, practical exercises, quick writes, group discussions as well as feedback rounds on own presentation prototypes.

In the "Ideas Pitch", participants present content-related proposals for group work, during which communication strategies are practically developed during the seminar.


  • Idea pitch, development and presentation of first ideas for communication strategies for technology communication (50%)
  • Written assignment (max. 12 pages), elaboration of the communication strategies for technology communication presented in the seminar (50%)



Hours: 9 to 18:30 h each

Room: tbd

Contact: lux(at)sciencehoch3.de