ThRaSH Day

On Tuesday, Aug 29 (the day before FOGA), there will be a half-day event organized as part of the “Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics” (ThRaSH) seminar series.

The ThRaSH Day has been cancelled. If you are interested to hang out on the day before FOGA, we meet at 14:00 at Building K, downstairs (the door is locked, we’ll pick you up and go to the kitchen area of floor 2 of Building K). We’ll have a nice coffee and chat.

The event will consist of a few technical contributions for which at most conferences there is not enough time, followed by a joint visit to some restaurant in the evening.

There are no costs associated with attending ThRaSH day (no FOGA or other registration required). Dinner is not included, but coffee breaks are.

Call for Contribution

If you are interested in giving a 30-60 minute detailed proof discussion at ThRaSH day, with some insights into the technique(s) used, please send an email with a short description of what you would like to talk about to Timo Kötzing ( until July 31.

Recent ThRaSH events: