Local Info


FOGA 2023 will be held at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, which will also organize the conference. The campus is located right at the train station Griebnitzsee which has multiple train and bus options. Most useful is probably the line S7 which connects to the central stations of Potsdam and Berlin every 10 minutes. Find more detailed instructions how to reach the campus here. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps generally work well with public transport in Potsdam/Berlin. Within Potsdam you can also try Nextbike, a bicycle sharing service which has a station next to the train station.

You can plan your route and buy public transport tickets with the VBB app for Android and iOS. You will need a ticket that covers at least zones Berlin BC or Potsdam AB, but the app will handle that for you, if you put in the correct start and destination.

First Arrival

When arriving by S-Bahn: After going down the stairs from the platform, turn right. Follow the corridor to the end, go up the stairs and then go left. The conference will mostly take place in the main building (H), where you can pick up your name tag and have to sign a sheet certifying your attendance. Please plan some time for this.


The ThRaSH Day will take place on the second floor of Building K in Room K-2.04.
All of FOGA will take place on third floor of Building H in the D-Space.
For all of these, follow the signs to Hasso-Plattner-Institut Campus 1.


For all three days, lunch will be provided by our university canteen. Unfortunately they do not provide an English menu, so a translated menu will appear on this page before the conference starts. On all days, coffee breaks will be provided.

Offer 1 (Vegetarian):
Two boiled eggs in mustard sauce, served with boiled potatoes.
Offer 2 (Vegan, Contains Garlic):
Chili con Quinoa with guacamole and tortilla.
Special Meal (Vegan):
Sweet potato and amaranth burger in a rustic bun with avocado cream, tomato, and red onions, served with fries.
Daily Special – Available while supplies last (Vegan):
Vegan semolina pudding with fruits.

Offer 1 (Vegetarian):
Sesame fried rice with vegetables, egg, crispy fried onions, and sweet chili sauce.
Offer 2 (Contains Pork):
Breaded pork mock-sausage with pasta and tomato sauce.
Offer 4 (Vegan):
Burrito Bowl with broccoli, corn, kidney beans, and rice, served with tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa.

Offer 1 (Vegan):
Tomato-chickpea soup with fresh cilantro and flatbread.
Offer 2 (Vegan):
Farfalle pasta with spicy tomato-mango beluga lentil ragout, served with arugula.
Offer 3 (Contains Fish):
Fish and Chips with remoulade sauce and mixed leaf salad.


No dinners will be provided. Potsdam, but also especially Berlin, offers a rich variety of different places to find food. For example, a short ride with the local train S7 to the stop “Charlottenburg” or “Sauvignyplatz” will put you in the middle of many different restaurants.

Hotel Recommendations

If you want to stay in Berlin, we recommend looking for accommodation close to the train lines S1 and S7 (e.g. in the district Charlottenburg) as other places might be too far away to comfortably reach the conference.

Child Care

If necessary, we organize and offer child care.

Other Practical Information

  • Tap water is drinkable
  • Some places (e.g. kebabs, some bakeries) only accept cash
  • Tipping is expected in restaurants
  • Supermarkets are closed on Sundays
  • There is no ATM anywhere close to the conference venue
  • eduroam is available, but we also have a guest wifi