Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


FAU Wintercontest 2019

On January 26, the U Erlangen (FAU) organized the FAU Wintercontest 2019 in competitive programming. Over 80 teams from 10 different German universities participated in the event.

The HPI Competitive Programming student club, headed by Christopher Weyand, a PhD student with the AE group, hosted a contest site on campus and enabled six HPI teams to compete. Surpassing their previous achievements at the GCPC and NWERC contests, two HPI teams made it to the top 10: Hexaflexagons solved 11 out of 13 problems and placed 5th while mosHPIt placed 9th with 9 solved problems. The other four HPI teams reached places 32, 42, 59, and 60.

The above links contains the final scoreboards, all problems, and solution outlines.