Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


Two new projects granted

The Algorithm Engineering group secured two new projects starting in 2021/beginning of 2022. Granted by the investment bank of Brandenburg (Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg, ILB), members of the Algorithm Engineering group and Valyria, a young and eager start up from Berlin, set out to create a novel real estate platform utilizing machine learning methods. After the successful Sales Comparison Approach project together with the Deutsche Sparkassenverlag (DSV) as well as colleagues from the Information System group and the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS), this marks already the second real estate project of the group.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research grants a project to automate the validation of study regulations of universities. Using artificial intelligence approaches, the goal is to make the regulations comprehensible to both humans and computers. In the end, both students and administrative staff should benefit from the project outcome. Details regarding both projects can be found on our project site.