Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


Three Papers accepted at HPEC and ComplexNetworks

The IEEE conference on High Performance and Embedded Computing (HPEC) deals with computing hardware, software, systems and applications where performance matters. The Algorithm Engineering group is proud to contribute two papers to this years venue, taking place virtually on September 20 - 24, 2021. Both papers result from fruitful collaborations with the LISP group from Boston University and with the IBM Research Almaden group. In particular, the authors use a new Python library PyMM which allows using existing Python data-types, such as Numpy and PyTorch tensor, on non-volatile memory and show the potential to accelerate machine learning posterior estimation and dimensionality reduction on non-volatile memory.

Furthermore, the Algorithm Engineering group contributes another paper to the 10th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications (ComplexNetworks) in Madrid, Spain, on November 30 - December 2, 2021. There, Otto Kißig and Martin Taraz continue their work on drug repurposing published in the ICLR Workshop on Machine Learning for Preventing and Combating Pandemics 2021 (MLPCP@ICLR) and later in the ICML Workshop on Computational Biology 2021 (WCB@ICML). The work was then extended in collaboration with the Boston Universtiy and IBM to run these algorithms using NVRAM and show that NVRAM can accelerate drug-repuposing computations. This is the first conference paper that contains the results of the above workshops.

  • Non-Volatile Memory Accel... - Download
    Wood, Andrew; Hershcovitch, Moshik; Waddington, Daniel; Cohen, Sarel; Wolf, Meredith; Suh, Hongjun; Zong, Weiyu; Chin, Peter Non-Volatile Memory Accelerated Geometric Multi-Scale Resolution AnalysisHigh Performance and Embedded Computing (HPEC) 2021: 1–7
  • Non-Volatile Memory Accel... - Download
    Wood, Andrew; Hershcovitch, Moshik; Waddington, Daniel; Cohen, Sarel; Chin, Peter Non-Volatile Memory Accelerated Posterior EstimationHigh Performance and Embedded Computing (HPEC) 2021
  • Drug Repurposing using Li... - Download
    Cohen, Sarel; Hershcovitch, Moshik; Taraz, Martin; Kißig, Otto; Wood, Andrew; Waddington, Daniel; Chin, Peter; Friedrich, Tobias Drug Repurposing using Link Prediction on Knowledge Graphs with Applications to Non-Volatile MemoryComplex Networks and their Applications (ComplexNetworks) 2021: 742–753