Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


Two Papers accepted at STOC

We are happy to announce that two papers by our group members were accepted at the 55th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC). The conference will take place on June 20-23 in Orlando, USA this year and is one of the top conferences in theoretical computer science. The first paper was written by Sarel CohenTobias Friedrich and Simon Krogmann together with former group member Martin Schirneck and more researchers from other institutions. The authors present the first \(f\)-edge fault-tolerant distance sensitivity oracle which takes subquadratic space and uses sublinear query time with the stretch not dependent on \(f\). Such an oracle is a way of preprocessing a graph to efficiently answer distance queries approximately even when up to \(f\) edges are removed for the query.

The second paper was written by Tobias FriedrichDavis Issac, Nikhil Kumar, Nadym Mallek and Ziena Zeif. They present a new \(O(\log r)\) gap in the max-multiflow min-multicut theorem for graphs with treewidth \(r\), improving the previous best bound and confirming the known but unsolved \(\Omega(\log r)\) lower bound. The algorithm rounds the optimal fractional solution using a modified region growing technique, ensuring a logarithmic factor loss at most.

  • Approximate Max-Flow Min-... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Issac, Davis; Kumar, Nikhil; Mallek, Nadym; Zeif, Ziena Approximate Max-Flow Min-Multicut Theorem for Graphs of Bounded TreewidthSymposium Theory of Computing (STOC) 2023
  • Approximate Distance Sens... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Chechik, Shiri; Choudhary, Keerti; Cohen, Sarel; Friedrich, Tobias; Krogmann, Simon; Schirneck, Martin Approximate Distance Sensitivity Oracles in Subquadratic SpaceSymposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2023: 1396–1409