Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


Visit of Profs. Mike Fellows and Fran Rosamond

Professor Fellows is one of the founders of parameterized complexity, which has strong connections to algorithm engineering and has proven to have important applications inside and outside algorithmics. He and Fran Rosamond visit us this week. In the HPI colloqiuium he will give an introduction to the field of parameterized complexity and algorithms.

Time: 24.09.2015, 16:00

Place: HPI, Auditorium 1

Title: An Introduction to Multivariate Algorithmics

Abstract: The talk will focus on concrete practical motivations, examples and perspectives that have driven and continue even more forcefully to drive the development of the parameterized / multivariate theory of algorithms and complexity. The objective is not to describe the details of the theory, but rather to concretely motivate it. The talk is aimed at practical computer scientists who have often been rightly skeptical that algorithms and complexity theory has anything much to offer. The advent of multivariate algorithmics opens up many new ways in which a mathematically disciplined theory of algorithms and complexity can be deployed to strengthen practical computing.