Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


Andreas Göbel receives "Eigene Stelle" grant

Andreas Göbel is granted the Module Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators (Modul Eigene Stelle) by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for his project on Approximating partition functions on geometric spaces. This grant allows scientists to exclusively focus on the research projects they proposed. In particular, he focuses on partition functions modelling probability distributions. These are generally used to model the macroscopic behaviour of complex systems consisting of microscopic interactions, for example as seen in statistical physics, liquid evaporation, racial segregation and evolution. Rigorous computational results on the approximation of partition functions on geometric models, as commonly used in statistical physics, are sparse. The proposed research project, a cooperation with co-PI Tobias Friedrich as well as Thomas Bläsius and Andreas Galanis, aspires to start a new direction in approximate counting by investigating the effect of geometry on the computational complexity of approximating partition functions.

The chair congratulates him to this achievement.