Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


HPI teams successfully participate in Winter Contest 2022

On January 29, CPUlm organized the Winter Contest 2022 in competitive programming. Over 50 teams from 13 different universities from Germany and Austria participated in the event.

Several teams of HPI students, who are involved with the course (Advanced) Competitive Programming 2 offered by the Algorithm Engineering group, participated successfully. In particular, the team Hexaflexagons, who had already successfully participated in the NWERC 2021, managed to solve all 13 problems to secure the 3rd place. Viano > V-Klasse reached 6th place with 10 solved problems. TeamPandaKuerbis reached 13th place with 9 solved problems, and ctrl-alt-defeat placed 32nd with 5 solved problems.

Congratulations from the Algorithm Engineering group to all teams on such an amazing ranking!