Prof. Dr. Patrick Baudisch


The members of our lab publish at top tier venues, such as ACM CHI and ACM UIST and graduates from our group go on to become faculty at top tier universities.

We are accepting applications for a Ph.D. or post-doc position from exceptional candidates. When you apply, please

(1) add a visual overview of your past work, i.e., a selection of your most relevant HCI/user interface related projects. Preferably just use your homepage. Ideally it explains each project using  pictures,videos, and text (example; this person is probably more senior than you are so do not be intimidated by their sites, but do consider imitating his style).  In case of group projects distinguish your contribution from the contribution of others.

(2) let me know the email addresses of two references who can write letters of recommendation for you.

(3) describe 2-3 project ideas that you might be pursue in collaboration with current members of our team

Graduate and undergraduate summer internships

We are offering summer internships for exceptional students. If you want to spend the summer in Berlin and do exciting research with us, drop us an email.

Berlin is an international city and a fun place to be in the summer, featuring lots of entertainment, international people, and a great nightlife. Live downtown Berlin for a ~25min commute.

If you want to know more, talk to us directly or send us an email.