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"HPI inside..." futurice

HPI Connect lädt zum „HPI inside..." futurice in Berlin ein.Futurice bietet für interessierte HPI Studierende einen Workshop zum Thema „Internet of Things“ mit dem „IoT Service Kit“ in den eigenen Räumen an.

Der Workshop wird in deutscher Sprache stattfinden. Eine Anmeldung ist leider nicht mehr möglich. Alle Workshopplätze sind bereits vergeben.

About IoT Service Kit

The IoT Service Kit is a board game that brings domain experts out of their silos to co-create user-centric IoT experiences.

Achieve mutual understanding
Clashes and miscommunication between differing perspectives and disciplines can disrupt the workflow. The playful nature of the Kit brings down walls and naturally incites communication.

Stay tangible
The world of IoT is abstract and difficult to talk about. Simply rearranging tokens on the IoT Service Kit map enables teams to make concepts tangible by physically demonstrating those ideas.

Make complex simple
You don’t need be fully immersed in the tech world in order to use the Kit. The IoT Service Kit presents a comprehensive set of current technology that enables everyone to design for IoT.