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Hackathon "HackHPI" 2019

Humanity has come far, but there remain many issues and injustices in society. We believe that, leveraging technology, we can solve many of these issues and use it for social good. The organizers of "HackHPI" want to provide a place for creative ideas which will make our planet a better place to live for everyone.

The Hackathon is organized by HPI students, and supported by HPI, in its fourth year. For 22 hours of hacking, HackHPI will bring students from Berlin, Brandenburg and the rest of the world together in the HPI School of Design Thinking, located on our campus. By providing world class sponsors including workshops and access to their data and APIs, a great location and plenty of caffeine to fuel your brain we will create a space for creativity, inspiring ideas and a passion for trying out new things.

Interested? Come and share your dedication and skills with others, exchange knowledge and accomplish great things!

For further information check out the HackHPIwebsite.