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"HPI meets..." Alumnus Martin Probst from Google

On June 24th HPI alumnus Martin Probst will return to HPI to give a presentation on “Software development at scale” and provide insights in his career after graduating from HPI.

Martin Probst is a software engineer at Google, working on TypeScript. He graduated with a MSc in Software Engineering from HPI in Potsdam, Germany, in 2008. Before joining Google in 2011, he worked at a database startup in the Netherlands, at EMC, at SAP, and as a freelancer.



Learn how Google puts the "engineering" into "software engineering" and develops software at very large scale. This talk will cover Google's approaches to code organization, software quality, and monitoring - and how this translates into tools, processes, and our use of programming languages. We will also share what this means for a day in the life of a Software Engineer at Google.


After the presentation there will be a small get-together with the spreaker and the opportunity to for further questions.