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Software driven transformation - Taking the challenge to transform an old tanker

On 16. November at 5 pm we are welcoming Volkswagen at HPI at our “HPI meets… Volkswagen” on-campus. Volkswagen will talk about “Software driven transformation - Taking the challenge to transform an old tanker”. Meet us on 16. November in the D-Space in the HPI main building for this talk and a get-together with Pizza and Mate after the presentation. Please use our registration form, if you wish to participate.


Abstract of the Talk

From a small crew with a big dream to a big crew with a huge mission:  

The Volkswagen Group’s Software Innovation and Development Centers became one of the drivers of the Volkswagen Group’s digital transformation!   

We craft strategically relevant individual enterprise software products in house and scalable around the globe with autonomous balanced (awesome) product teams that consist of three core roles: Software Engineer, Digital Product Designer and Product Manager.  

Equipped with an agile and lean mindset we continuously deliver minimal viable product iterations and focus on solving the user’s problems. 

In a nutshell: We are celebrating a culture with passion for Software. 


“Old COBOLd's" from mainframe meet the new world of IT solutions!

Old mainframe IT systems often do things that a corporation needs to support important core processes. They were designed using technologies that are no longer state-of-the-art. The ongoing modernization of these systems is often challenging, often resulting in a large number of organizational and technical debts. In practice, various potential strategies for solving this problem are discussed. The approach of a radical new development is often difficult to achieve, which is why various alternative approaches are considered. These will be discussed with the help of an example.


What this user is talking about? Create solutions that matter!
everybody wants to develop successful solutions that will be used and loved by users. But how can we actually do it? The main challenge nowadays, when developing new solutions is to have the right balance between user centered design and business requirements, which not always goes hand in hand. Understanding the user is the key to know what to develop, but sometimes even users don’t know what they want. In this session, we will go through the main aspects of user centered development, what it means and how to put it into practice. We will also discuss the linking points between users and business and how to get the buy-in from both, to be able to bring to the market products that are loved by users and impact positively the business.