Prof. Dr. Gerard de Melo

The Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems research group develops methods to better understand and organize the vast amounts of data that are now available. In the long run, we envision intelligent systems that are able to guide us and enable us to make more informed decisions.

Some of our main interests are:

  • Natural Language Processing: How can we better understand the meaning of natural language text in many different languages?
  • Deep Learning: What kinds of deep neural architectures best enable us to understand data?
  • Knowledge Graphs: How can we collect knowledge about the world and learn to reason?
  • Multimodality and Data Integration: How can we connect data for different modalities (images, text, structured data)?

We conduct fundamental research but also work with different organizations and companies, e.g., in the BMWK-funded Mittelstand Digital-Zentrum Berlin.

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