Dr. Jiska Classen

Cybersecurity - Mobile & Wireless

This new research group, led by Dr.-Ing. Jiska Classen, focuses on mobile and wireless security. Mobile and embedded devices communicating wirelessly are ubiquitous both in every-day personal life and in the industry. At the same time their wireless interfaces offer a large attack surface. The fast-paced innovation in this area makes it challenging for security analysis to keep up, while vulnerabilities become increasingly impactful.


> Next Generation Wireless Security

Every new technology brings novel challenges. Next generation wireless technologies require new security solutions. Wireless threat models shift due to physical differences depending on the network infrastructure as well as economic constraints. The journey from research prototypes to integration into industry devices will be require new wireless research frameworks based on off-the-shelf devices. We aim at building such frameworks to be leading in state-of-the-art wireless research and collaborating with academic and industry partners.

> Mobile Device Security and Privacy

Mobile device security depends not only on secure wireless communication. Due to their compartmentalization and controlled application market, smartphones and other mobile devices are generally considered highly secure and trusted. Providing secure mobile devices to the general public and assisting them in understanding privacy implications is mandatory.

> Reverse Engineering

Complexity of mobile and wireless systems is steadily increasing, with significant yet intransparent developments contributed by the industry. Reverse engineering allows opening interfaces to these systems despite their proprietary nature. Through reverse engineering, research and security analysis can keep up with the latest developments and contribute highly relevant insights. We aim at improving reverse engineering frameworks that support mobile and wireless research.