Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Lena Mayer

External PhD Candidate

E-Mail: lena.mayer(at)hpi.de

External Profiles: HPDTRP

Short Profile

Lena Mayer is a researcher at the Potsdam University and the HassoPlattner-Institut. Her research interests lie in training transfer in organizations and (virtual) team collaboration. She collaborates for her PhD case study with an industry partner, BASF SE.

She is part of the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program, as well es the Mathilde-Planck lectureship program for women-in academic-training for a PhD degree.

After graduating from the HPI School of Design Thinking Potsdam, Lena started working as a freelance design thinking coach and guest lecturer for organizations and universities. 

She graduated from Maastricht University with a M.Sc. in Work and Organizational Psychology. Next to her studies, she founded the student organization Maastricht Disrupt with fellow students. Their aim is to bring the topics of human-centered design and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange to the Maas-Rhein Euregio.


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