AI Maker Sessions - April

AI Maker Sessions | every Tuesday & Thursday Evening | Potsdam, Berlin & online | Details

The AI maker sessions are ideal for AI practitioners, data scientists, and software engineers who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence. ​​​​​This series of workshops offers a comprehensive insight into various AI-related topics such as training and evaluation of machine learning models, neural network architectures and MLOps. In addition, participants will be prepared for our planned certification program for AI experts.

In our AI Maker Sessions we do hands-on tutorials on Deep Learning, Generative AI, and MLOps. To get a glimpse of our offerings, we recommend browsing the Github repositories of our workshops.

Session language: English, with possible provisions for German speakers


Venue & Time
Join us online or in person. The location, time and further details will be shared in advance in our AI Maker Community on Slack.

Please register on Eventbrite for the individual sessions.

AI Maker Community

By joining the AI Maker Community on Slack, you can take part in weekly hands-on workshops and paper readings. We also provide monthly research summaries and developments, and the opportunity to network with other AI enthusiasts.