Prof. Dr. Bernhard Renard


We try to keep an up to date list of all our publications. If you are interested in a PDF that we have not uploaded yet, feel free to send us an email to get a copy.


  • 1.
    Bartoszewicz, J.M., Nasri, F., Nowicka, M., Renard, B.Y.: Detecting DNA of novel fungal pathogens using ResNets and a curated fungi-hosts data collection. Bioinformatics. 38, ii168-ii174 (2022).
  • 2.
    Ulrich, J.-U., Epping, L., Pilz, T., Walther, B., Stingl, K., Semmler, T., Renard, B.Y.: In-silico enrichment of bacterial plasmids by chromosomal depletion using nanopore adaptive sampling. bioRxiv. (2022).
  • 3.
    Ulrich, J.-U., Lutfi, A., Rutzen, K., Renard, B.Y.: ReadBouncer: precise and scalable adaptive sampling for nanopore sequencing. Bioinformatics. 38, i153-i160 (2022).


  • 1.
    Bartoszewicz, J.M., Seidel, A., Renard, B.Y.: Interpretable detection of novel human viruses from genome sequencing data. NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics. 3, (2021).
  • 2.
    Bartoszewicz, J.M., Genske, U., Renard, B.Y.: Deep learning-based real-time detection of novel pathogens during sequencing. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 22, bbab269 (2021).


  • 1.
    Tausch, S.H., Loka, T.P., Schulze, J.M., Andrusch, A., Klenner, J., Dabrowski, P.W., Lindner, M.S., Nitsche, A., Renard, B.Y.: PathoLive--Real-time pathogen identification from metagenomic Illumina datasets. BioRxiv. 402370 (2020).
  • 2.
    Bartoszewicz, J.M., Seidel, A., Rentzsch, R., Renard, B.Y.: DeePaC: predicting pathogenic potential of novel DNA with reverse-complement neural networks. Bioinformatics. 36, 81–89 (2020).


  • 1.
    Loka, T.P., Tausch, S.H., Renard, B.Y.: Reliable variant calling during runtime of Illumina sequencing. Scientific reports. 9, 1–8 (2019).