Project Steps

In the semi-annual Call for Projects (see figure) we invite you to submit proposals for your project ideas. If access to resources is still required for an ongoing project, a new project proposal can be submitted. 

The HPI Future SOC Lab’s Steering Committee, which comprises representatives of HPI and the industrial partners, will decide about the approval of project proposals. This will be done during the Future SOC Lab Day.

Upcoming Deadlines

Access to resources

After approval of a project proposal, the research projects will receive free of charge access to the IT infrastructure of the Future SOC Lab until the next HPI Future SOC Lab Day (approx. 6 months). If resources are still required after this period, a new project proposal must be submitted.

Projects can request exclusive access to certain resources of the HPI Future SOC Labs. Please inform the team by e-mail at least two weeks before the start.


  • Attention: At the end of a period, all project-related data is deleted and access to resources in the lab is deactivated.


Report and poster

In accordance to the Terms of Use projects are required to submit the following:

  • poster
  • final report

These shall be submitted to Future SOC Lab at least 3 weeks prior to the announced Steering Committee meeting.