Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Our Team

The Chair of Design Thinking and Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Professor for Design Thinking and Innovation Research

Room: E-1-03.1

Mail: office-uebernickel(at)hpi.de



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Anne Klonower

Assistant to Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Room: E-1-02.3

Mail: Anne.Klonower(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 331 5509 4900


Dr. Danielly de Paula


Room: E-1-02.2

Mail: Danielly.depaula(at)hpi.de

Phone: +49 331 5509 4904


Ph.D. Students

Thomas Haskamp

Researcher & Ph.D. Student

Room: E-1-02-1

Mail: Thomas.Haskamp(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 17670911735


Stefanie Gerken

Design Thinking Program Lead (HPI D-School) & Ph.D. Student

Room: D-1.9

Mail: stefanie.gerken(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 331 5509 127


Selina Mayer

Program Lead Corporate Innovation (HPI Academy) & Ph.D. Student

Room: E-2-03.2

Mail: Selina.Mayer(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 331 5509 202



Hanadi Traifeh

Researcher & Ph.D. Student

Room: H-3.7

Mail: Hanadi.Traifeh(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 331 55 09 585

Sherif Osman

Knowledge Manager (HPI D-School) & Ph.D. Student

Room: D-2.8

Mail: sherif.osman(at)hpi.de

Phone: + 49 331-5509-1338

Annalena Lorson

Start-Up Coach (HPI E-School) & Ph.D. Student

Room: E-1.02.1

Mail:  annalena.lorson(at)hpi.de

Phone: +49 331-5509-3986



Maia Kuhnen

Head of SUGAR operations and strategy

Mail: maia.kuhnen@sugar-network.org


We support undergraduate and graduate students at the Hasso Plattner Institute and the University of St.Gallen.

Master Students

Alexandr Cernomoret

Florian Misteli

Jan Zarske Bueno

Karim Salim

Livia Keller

Tiziano Sabbioni

Tom Hofmann

David Hahn

Celine Stalder

Anouk Breitenstein

Anabel Kristina Gloor

Ivan Seric

Katrin Schneider


Bachelor Students

Elena Müller

Franz Purucker

Robin Häberli

Nicolas Stoeckler

Tobias Hutter

Björn Neumann

Alumni Master- and Bachelor students

Ella Wolf

Christina Fuchs

Anna Bosch


Open Positions

The chair is always looking for ambitious persons that aim to work with us. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us. Currently, we have the following Positions available: