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The German IPv6 Council is a chapter of the IPv6 Forum which is a world-wide consortium of worldwide leading Internet vendors, Industry Subject Matter Experts, Research & Education Networks, with a clear mission to advocate IPv6 by dramatically improving technology, market, and deployment user and industry awareness of IPv6, creating a quality and secure new Generation Internet and allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology, embracing a moral responsibility to the world. The IPv6 Council Deutschland is a chapter of the IPv6 Forum dedicated to the advancement and propagation of IPv6 in Germany. Comprised of individual members, as opposed to corporate sponsors, its mission is to provide technical leadership and innovative thought for the successful integration of IPv6 into all facets of networking and telecommunications infrastructure, present and future.

To this end the German IPv6 Council will

  • establish an open task force of IPv6 expertise
  • share IPv6 knowledge and experience among members
  • promote new IPv6-based applications and global solutions
  • promote interoperable implementations of Ipv6 standards
  • co-operate to achieve end-to-end quality of service
  • resolve issues that create barriers to IPv6 deployment

The German IPv6 Council founding officers are Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and Latif Ladid.
We would like to take this opportunity to urge your organization to join and become members of the German IPv6 Council.
In case you are not directly involved in such promotion issues, we would be grateful to receive contact names for people in your organisation who can make the membership decision to bring you on board.

The German IPv6 Council welcomes every helping hand, and we invite you to join us. Your valuable participation would be another important step towards the success of this noble mission.


Christoph Meinel, Chairman German IPv6 Council
Harald Sack, Executive Secretary German IPv6 Council

Contact: info(at)ipv6council.de