Mondrian Web Interface Demonstration

Welcome to the web-based demonstration of Mondrian, the automated spreadsheet layout detection tool.  To get started with the demo, select one of the scenarios in the "Scenario" page. At the current state, Mondrian does not accept custom file uploads.

The "File View" page presents the interactive graphical interface for the region detection component of Mondrian. By selecting a previously uploaded file, you can visualize its image parsing as well as the regions  automatically recognized by Mondrian. If you are not satisfied with the boundaries of these regions, you can drag-and-drop them to adjust them to your desires, as well as delete or add new regions. All changes can be saved and loaded afterwards, and all regions can be split and downloaded as different .csv files. If templates have been recognized in the dataset, it is possible to automatically extract similar regions from all files that belong to the same template.

The "Dataset View" page allows you to explore the results of Mondrian's automated layout template inference. Based on the detected regions, the page will calculate layout templates and present you the list of files grouped by templates. For each template, you can review in detail the similarity of each pair of files belonging to it, as well as graphically compare all their images. In this page you can also interactively change the template assignment of files and download the results of the template recognition as a .csv file.

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