Prof. Dr. Bernhard Renard

Katharina Baum

Senior Researcher - Head of the group Network-Based Data Analysis

 Phone:+49 (0)331 5509 - 4945
 Organization:Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam
 Address:August-Bebel-Str. 88, 14482 Potsdam, Germany
 Room:HPI Campus I, K-E.14

Research interest

Networks allow representing interactions between entities and are highly informative. They enable the combined analysis of different data views. We are interested in combining network-based data analysis approaches with machine learning and mathematical modeling of dynamic processes. Applications stem mainly from a biomedical background, such as drug response prediction, and we focus on integrating different kinds of data with biomolecular, "multi-omics" data.

Selected projects:

  • Multi-omics network-based prediction of differential drug response (DrDimont)
  • Drug response prediction using graph-neural networks
  • COVID19 forecasting with mobility data by graph-neural networks and differential equation models
  • Autoencoder-based prediction of phenotype-specific drug targets from perturbation data
  • Proteogenomic abundance imputation
  • Graph-neural networks to leverage peptide- and transcript information

Group members: Network-based Data Analysis

Dr. Sukrit Gupta

Pascal Iversen

Pauline Hiort

Tim Garrels

Pia Rissom


Theresa Hradilak (student assistant)

Clemens Woest (MA thesis)

Simon Witzke (MA thesis)

Axel Stebner (MA thesis)

Lilli Schuckert (BA thesis, student assistant)

Teaching at HPI

Winter Term 2022/23




  • Hiort P, Hugo J, Zeinert J, Müller N, Kashyap S, Rajapakse JC, Azuaje F, Renard BY, Baum K*: DrDimont: explainable drug response prediction from differential analysis of multi-omics networks. Bioinformatics 2022; Sep 16;38(Supplement_2):ii113-ii119. *corresponding author [link]
  • Langenhan J, Jaeger C, Baum K, Simon M, Lisec J. A Flexible Tool to Correct Superimposed Mass Isotopologue Distributions in GC-APCI-MS Flux Experiments. Metabolites 2022;12(5). doi: 10.3390/metabo12050408 [link]
  • Lahmann I, Zhang Y, Baum K, Wolf J, Birchmeier C:An oscillatory network controlling self-renewal of skeletal muscle stem cells. Exp Cell Res2021;409(2):112933. [link]
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  • Baum K, Wolf J: LoopDetect: Comprehensive Feedback Loop Detection in Ordinary Differential Equation Models. bioRxiv, 17 Nov 2020. [link]
  • Baum K*, Rajapakse JC, Azuaje F: Crop Circles of Cancer. In: Matthäus F et al. (eds.), The Art of Theoretical Biology, Springer Nature Switzerland, 2020; 72-73. *corresponding author [link]

Short CV

2021/05: Group Leader (Senior Researcher) at HPI

2020: PostDoc at HPI

2017-2019: PostDoc at Luxembourg Institute of Health, joint project with Nanyang Technological University Singapore

2014-2020: PostDoc at Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association

2009-2014: PhD in Theoretical Biophysics at Humboldt University Berlin and Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association

2003-2009: studies of Mathematics (diploma), Humboldt University Berlin and École Polytechnique, France

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