Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich


One Journal Paper Got Accepted in April!

We are happy to announce that one journal paper was accepted for publication in April

Certainty in QRS Detection with Artificial Neural Networks

Published in the Biomedical Signal Processing and Control Journal.

Jonas Chromik

Detection of the QRS complex is a long-standing topic in the context of electrocardiography and many algorithms build upon the knowledge of the QRS positions. Although the first solutions to this problem were proposed in the 1970s and 1980s, there is still potential for improvements. Advancements in neural network technology made in recent years also lead to the emergence of enhanced QRS detectors based on artificial neural networks. In this work, we propose a method for assessing the certainty that is in each of the detected QRS complexes, i.e. how confident the QRS detector is that there is, in fact, a QRS complex in the position where it was detected. We further show how this metric can be utilised to distinguish correctly detected QRS complexes from false detections.