Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich


Below you will find a list of current and past lectures at the chair of Connected Healthcare as well as a list of current and completed theses.

Master Theses

Wiktoria Staszak2021Analysis of Mealtime Bolus Behaviors of Users of the Open Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS) with Type 1 Diabetes
Fabian Stolp2021Active Learning in Personalized OCD Recognition
Lando Löper2021Personalised Sensor-Based OCD Detection Using Federated Learning
Pawel Glöckner2021Generating Synthetic Pose Data In A Medical Context Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Justin Trautmann2021IMU-Based Gait Analysis for Treadmill Walking
Martin Schlegel2020Activity Recognition in the Context of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Detection
Christoph Anders2020Data Preprocessing Methods for Time Series Classification on Brain Activity Data
Justus Eilers2020Development of a Standard to Qualitatively Assess QRS Detectors
Pit Mario Wegner2020IMU-Based Trajectory Image Classification for Human Activity Recognition
Felix Musmann2020A Web Plattform for Analysing Multimodal Sensor Data in the Context of Digital Health