Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich


Below you will find a list of current and past lectures at the chair of Connected Healthcare as well as a list of current and completed student projects and Master's theses.

Master's Theses

Samik Real Enrı́quez2023Fighting Label Scarcity: Semi-automated human-in-the-loop label generation for automated stress and mental workload classification for uncontrolled environments
Sai Siddhant Gadamsetti2023Development and Validation of a Multimodal Data Acquisition and Analysis Platform for Assessing Workplace Stress in Group Settings
Ipsita Bhaduri2023Detection of mental workload and stress in realistic settings from multi-modal physiological signals
Karuna Baswal2023Synthetic continuous glucose time series
Carla Terboven2023Air Quality Sonification Using a Simulated Scripted Exposure Design
Alisher Turubayev2023Analysis of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models for Estimating Cognitive Load from Physiological Data in Software Development Contexts
Lennard Ekrod2023Visualization and Quantification Approach of IMU-Derived Stroke Gait Analysis
Jonas Noack2023Fitting Monocular Image to 3D Pose Models to Gait Analysis
Tibor De Camargo2023A Point Cloud Data Analysis System for Cruciate Ligament Rupture Using 3D Camera
Franziska Schumann2022Online Learning for EEG-based Emotion Classification
Denise Schmidt2022Towards Smart Alarm Thresholds in Medical Patient Monitors
Tillmann Int-Veen2021Computer-assisted Lifestyle: Enabling Personalized Intermittent Fasting 
Joceline Ziegler2021Privacy-Preserving Classification of X-Ray Images in a Federated Learning Setting
Arne Herdick2021Predicting Fatigue in Strength Training using Machine Learning on IMU and HRV Data
Wiktoria Staszak2021Analysis of Mealtime Bolus Behaviors of Users of the Open Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS) with Type 1 Diabetes
Fabian Stolp2021Active Learning in Personalized OCD Recognition
Lando Löper2021Personalised Sensor-Based OCD Detection Using Federated Learning
Pawel Glöckner2021Generation of Synthethic Pose Data using Generative Adversarial Networks
Justin Trautmann2021IMU-Based Gait Analysis for Treadmill Walking
Martin Schlegel2020Activity Recognition in the Context of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Detection
Christoph Anders2020Data Preprocessing Methods for Time Series Classification on Brain Activity Data
Justus Eilers2020Development of a Standard to Qualitatively Assess QRS Detectors
Pit Mario Wegner2020IMU-Based Trajectory Image Classification for Human Activity Recognition
Felix Musmann2020A Web Plattform for Analysing Multimodal Sensor Data in the Context of Digital Health