Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Arpita Kappattanavar

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4853

Room: G-2.1.20

Email: arpita.kappattanavar(at)hpi.de


Personal Information

Work Experience

2018 - 2020 : Research associate Digital Health - Personalized Medicine, Potsdam Germany 

2016 - 2017: Student research assistant at Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, Germany

2015: Apprenticeship trainee at Bharat Electronics Limited, Bengaluru, India


2015 - 2018: Digital Communication (M.Sc.) at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany

2010 - 2014: Electronics and Communication (B.E.) at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India


Tracking Behavior and Eating Habits using Smart Devices 

to support Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity


Research Interest

Human Activity and Context Recognition

Stress and Emotion Analysis

Signal Processing and Machine Learning



  • Food Choices after Cognitive Load: An Affective Computing Approach. Kappattanavar, Arpita Mallikarjuna; Hecker, Pascal; Moontaha, Sidratul; Steckhan, Nico; Arnrich, Bert in Sensors (2023). 23(14)
  • Wearable EEG-Based Cognitive Load Classification by Personalized and Generalized Model Using Brain Asymmetry. Moontaha, Sidratul; Kappattanavar, Arpita Mallikarjuna; Hecker, Pascal; Arnrich, Bert (2023).


  • Quantifying Cognitive Load from Voice using Transformer-Based Models and a Cross-Dataset Evaluation. Hecker, Pascal; Kappattanavar, Arpita M.; Schmitt, Maximilian; Moontaha, Sidratul; Wagner, Johannes; Eyben, Florian; Schuller, Björn W.; Arnrich, Bert (2022). 337–344.
  • Have Your Cake and Log it... - Download
    Have Your Cake and Log it Too: A Pilot Study Leveraging IMU Sensors for Real-time Food Journaling Notifications Kappattanavar, Arpita; Kremser, Marten; Arnrich, Bert (2022). (Vol. 5) 532–541.
  • SensorHub: Multimodal Sen... - Download
    SensorHub: Multimodal Sensing in Real-Life Enables Home-Based Studies. Chromik, Jonas; Kirsten, Kristina; Herdick, Arne; Kappattanavar, Arpita Mallikarjuna; Arnrich, Bert in Sensors (2022). 22(1)


  • Monitoring of Sitting Pos... - Download
    Monitoring of Sitting Postures With Sensor Networks in Controlled and Free-living Environments: Systematic Review. Kappattanavar, Arpita Mallikarjuna; Steckhan, Nico; Sachs, Jan Philipp; Freitas da Cruz, Harry; Boettinger, Erwin; Arnrich, Bert in JMIR Biomed Eng (2021). 6(1) e21105.


  • Position Matters: Sensor ... - Download
    Position Matters: Sensor Placement for SittingPosture Classification. Kappattanavar, A. M.; da Cruz, H. F.; Arnrich, B.; Böttinger, E. (2020).
  • Self-prediction of seizur... - Download
    Self-prediction of seizures in drug resistance epilepsy using digital phenotyping: a concept study. Moontaha, Sidratul; Steckhan, Nico; Kappattanavar, Arpita; Surges, Rainer; Arnrich, Bert (2020). (Vol. 14)


  • HPI-DHC at TREC 2018 Prec... - Download
    HPI-DHC at TREC 2018 Precision Medicine Track. Oleynik, M; Faessler, E; Sasso, A.M; Kappattanavar, A.; Bergner, B.; da Cruz, H.F.; Sachs, J.-P.; Datta, S.; Boettinger, E (2018).