Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

SensorHub 2.0

Multimodal Collection of Sensor Data for Researchers

Funded by the Hasso Plattner Foundation

In cooperation with Data4Life 

Justin Albert, Kristina Kirsten, Lin Zhou

SensorHub 2.0 is a collaborative project of the health-tech organization Data4Life and the Connected Healthcare chair at the Hasso Plattner Institute that started in 2023.

The collection of multimodal data is highly relevant for real-life studies. Hence, researchers often combine multiple devices/wearables to do so. However, a lack of standardization between data formats of different manufacturers and data collection apps shifts the efforts for combining and harmonizing the data to researchers, increasing the time needed before the actual analysis can happen. Researchers who run studies with one sensor/device have to manually combine the data into a harmonized dataset before being able actually to analyze it. To this end, we are developing SensorHub 2.0, a platform for collecting and storing data from sensors, such as wearables, for real-life studies. At the core, SensorHub enables researchers to design health studies in the SensorHub ResearchStudio web application and facilitates the combined collection of questionnaire data and raw data of commodity and lab-grade sensors through the SensorHub mobile application (Android and iOS). The App will provide researchers with a data download for external downstream analysis of their research data. 

For more information, please also visit the Data4Life website.