Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

IMU-Based Gait Analysis for Treadmill Walking

Master's Thesis

Justin Trautmann, Supervisor: Lin Zhou

Precise knowledge about individual gait parameters is a valuable tool in rehabilitation medicine and sports training. The measurement of these parameters with the help of unobtrusive inertial measurement units (IMUs, which measures acceleration and angular velocity) is especially interesting, since it requires minimal user instrumentation and enables long term monitoring at relatively low costs. Although gait analysis for over ground walking has been the subject of extensive research, IMU based gait analysis on treadmills has received less attention until now. Conventional gait analysis on a treadmill can be performed using expensive pressure sensors or photo-electric sensors along the treadmill belt. In this project, existing IMU based gait analysis techniques for over ground walking are validated on a treadmill against such an instrumented treadmill setup in order to test the reliability of the IMU system, identify needs of improvement and potentially become coequal to the conventional measurement systems.

Person walking on an instrumented treadmill, pressure distribution of the foot measured by the treadmill and IMU signals from the left and right foot.