Prof. Dr. Vaibhav Bajpai

Data-Intensive Internet Computing

We apply data-intensive methods, and build real-world systems and models to improve Internet computing and operations. Our research group investigates digital infrastructure, next-generation Internet protocols and architectures, emerging cyber-physical systems that drive innovation at the edge, and aspects of digital sovereignty in the age of increasing consolidation of the Internet. We are also interested in identifying ways to improve sustainability using the Internet.

Very low latency, very high resiliency, very high capacity, end-to-end security and privacy are essential requirements across all these pillars and reaching these requirements are a focus of our research. Our research also often transcends across technology, policy and society.

Our data-intensive research has direct implications on the design and operation of Internet technology and this brings us in active engagement with the standards (IETF) and operations communities (RIPE) to apply our research into the real world.