HPI Digital Health Cluster

Molecular Tumor Board

Motivation & Goal

Cancer is one of the most challenging diagnoses for doctors, patients as well as family members and friends. Since every tumor has its unique molecular profile, it is impossible to fight cancer with a classical one-size-fits-all approach. Today, each patient case is presented in a so-called tumor board, which consists of multiple experienced oncologists. The members of the tumor board evaluate treatment alternatives and discuss jointly individual treatment options combining their personal knowledge and experience for the patient’s sake.

Personalized medicine is a current trend to incorporate all available data, e.g. patients specifics, similar patient cases, molecular tumor data from biobanks, to derive a meaningful decision based on statistical data analyses. However, medical doctors require adequate software tools to combine and analyze finegrained data to support their work in an interdisciplinary molecular tumor board.

The goal of the project is to create specific software artifacts implementing personalized medicine approaches tp assist oncologists during their work in the tumor board. Therefore, the oncologists require holistic access to patient specifics of the current patient cases and linked details from similar historic patient cases. For example, data-driven assessment of treatment options is beneficial, e.g. by incorporating medical publications, latest clinical guidelines, and application of latest deep learning approaches. In addition to the treating oncologists, medical researchers should be enabled to test research hypotheses on observed real-world data.

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