HPI Digital Health Cluster

Digital Health Project Lab (HPI-DH-PL)

Driven by curiosity? In the “Digital Health Project Lab” you can develop and investigate your own research question. Supported by scientist with different backgrounds, you will plan, conduct, analyze and report a psychological or medical study using a digital solution (e.g., behavior tracking via smartphone).

First, you learn how to get ethical approval as well as funding. Second, you understand what makes a good study design and set-up your own experiment. Third, you, as a junior scientist, run the experiment online, in the laboratory, or in the field. Finally, you analyze your data and present the results to a broader audience (e.g., at a poster presentation or a short report).

Format: weekly theoretical and hands-on sessions

Theoretical sessions: offered for the whole class (max. 18 students)

Practical sessions: small groups of 3-6 students assigned to one researcher of our group

Requirements: Basic Knowledge of Digital Health (recommended second or third semester)

Examen: oral or written presentation of the experiment and its result

Creditpoints: 12 ECTS

Information on current courses can be found on the current semester pages