Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


"Bended Maps" - New Demo Available

We have authored and published a new video to demonstrate the characteristics and potentials of our interactive "Bended Maps". The interactive multi-perspective visualization  aims to exploit so-far unused image space and allows to seamlessly combine different visual representations, e.g., a detailed and a generalized city model, in one detail+overview depiction.  "Bended Maps" are especially suitable for devices with small screens such as smartphones and car/pedestrian navigation devices.  This demo includes work of former and current members of the Computer Graphics Systems research group: Haik Lorenz, Matthias Trapp, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Tassilo Glander, Markus Jobst, and Jürgen Döllner.


Link: "Bended Maps" on YouTube

Link: More information at CGS research website