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Paper accepted for EuroVis 2017

The paper "Hybrid-Treemaps" by Sebastian Hahn and Jürgen Döllner has been accepted as a short paper … > mehr


Presentation at International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2017

Rico Richter and Sören Discher are attending the "International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2017" in Denver, … > mehr


Paper accepted for IVAPP 2017

The paper "Reducing Visual Complexity in Software Maps using Importance-based Aggregation of Nodes" … > mehr


Paper accepted for IVAPP 2017

The paper "Relative Direction Change: A Topology-based Metric for Layout Stability in Treemaps" by … > mehr


Two contributions accepted for SIGGRAPH Asia MGIA 2016

Two contributions have been accepted to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Symposium on Mobile Graphics and … > mehr


Intergeo 2016 Booth

Members of the research group are presenting recent research results at the Intergeo 2016, wich … > mehr


Paper accepted for Web3D 2016

The paper "Dynamic 2.5D Treemaps using Declarative 3D on the Web" by Daniel Limberger, Willy … > mehr


Two posters accepted for presentation @ SIGGRAPH 2016

The contributions "Interactive Multi-scale Oil Paint Filtering on Mobile Devices" by Amir Semmo, … > mehr


Chapter accepted for GPU Zen

The chapter "Attributed Vertex Clouds" by Willy Scheibel, Stefan Buschmann, Matthias Trapp, and … > mehr


Contribution accepted for Appy Hour @ SIGGRAPH 2016

The contribution "BeCasso: Image Stylization by Interactive Oil Paint Filtering on Mobile Devices" … > mehr

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