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Current Research Projects

  • Zeitliche und prozessbezogene Informationsvisualisierung mit 3D-Analysekarten
  • Technische Anlagenoptimierung mit Sensor-Analytik (TASA)
  • 3D Urban Analytics

Past Research Projects

  • OGC 3D Portrayal Service (3DPS)
  • Research Group 3D Geoinformation (InnoProfile Initiative)
  • INGEOS (ZIM Nemo)
  • OGC 3D Portrayal Interoperability Experiment (3DPIE)
  • OGC Web View Service (WVS)
  • OGC 3D Viewer Client (OWS-4)
  • 3D View Service Technology 
  • 3D SOA Technology
  • 3D Smart Interaction Technology
  • Collaboration Tools for 3D City Models


Styling for Service-Based 3D Geovisualization

in Proceedings of the 2nd. Ph.D. retreat of the HPI Research School on Service-oriented Systems Engineering . Meinel, Christoph ( Hrsg. ), Universitätsverlag Potsdam , 2008 . Seite 1:1-1:22 .

Styling geovisualizations means to control the geovisualization process, i.e., to define which geoinformation to include and how to visualize them. It is a crucial aspect for enabling flexible and adaptable geovisualization systems and applications as it allows authors and users to influence the visual appearance of the geovisualization and so to adapt it to specific tasks and preferences. Especially for the service-based implementation of geovisualization systems, it has to be specified how a service consumer can define the visual appearance of a geovisualization which might base on distributed heterogeneous geoinformation and might be synthesized by the combination of independent geovisualization services. This paper describes the styling of three-dimensional geovisualizations in two scenarios. First, a Web Perspective View Service (WPVS) for the generation of high-quality visualization of domain specific building information within its GIS context is described. Second, the Web View Annotation Service (WVAS) and its combination with a WPVS for the synthesis of textual annotated views are introduced. Both implementations are demonstrated for a 3D campus model.
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Herausgeber Meinel, Christoph

Professional Activities

  • GEOkomm Verband der GeoInformationswirtschaft Berlin/Brandenburg e.V.
    Board member, Jun 2014 - Jun 2018

  • Open Geospatial Consortium, 
    Co-Chair of 3D Information Management (3DIM) Domain Working Group, Jun 2011 - Mar 2015

  • InnoProfile Research Group "3D Geoinformation" at University Potsdam
    Lead, 2011

Teaching Activities

Lectures and Seminars

  • Winter 2017/2018: Master Seminar "Information Visualisation Techniques for Industrie 4.0"
  • Summer 2017: Bachelor Seminar "Einführung Informationsvisualisierung"
  • Winter 2016/17: Master Seminar "Methods and Techniques of Information Visualization"
  • Summer 2016: Bachelor Seminar "Einführung in Visual Analytics"
  • Winter 2015/16: Bachelor Seminar "Seminar Räumliche Daten und raumzeitliche Daten"
  • Summer 2015: Master Seminar "Spatial Analytics"
  • Winter 2014/15: Bachelor Seminar "Konstruktion virtueller 3D-Stadtmodelle"
  • Summer 2014: Master Seminar "Service-based Visualization"
  • Summer 2012/13: Master Seminar "Konzepte und Techniken der 3D-Visualisierung"
  • Winter 2011/12: Master Seminar "Realtime Rendering Techniques"
  • Summer 2011: Bachelor Project "Mobile 3D Apps"
  • Summer 2011: Master Lecture "Geovisualization"
  • Summer 2010: Bachelor Project "SOA-based 3D Geovisualization for Mobile Applications"
  • Summer 2010: Master Seminar on Information and Geo Visualization, Master Seminar on Software Engineering for Visualization Systems
  • Winter 2009/10: Master Seminar Visualization, Master Seminar on Service-oriented Computing
  • Summer 2009: Bachelor Project "Smartboard-based User-Interface for 3D City Models"
  • Summer 2008: Master Seminar "Visualization: Concepts and Methods"
  • Winter 2007/08: Master Seminar "Visualization"
  • Summer 2007: Master Lecture "Visualization", Master Seminar "Visualization"
  • Winter 2006/07: Master Seminar "Visualization"
  • Summer 2006: Bachelor Lecture "User Interfaces"
  • Winter 2005/06: Bachelor Lecture "Fundamentals of Computer Graphics", Master Seminar "Visualization"

Master Students (Co-)Supervision

  • Multiple Coordinated Views on Massive Geo Data
    Robert Schäfer, Master's Thesis, 2017
  • A framework for thematic visualization in service-based virtual 3D city models
    Roman Preuss, Master's Thesis, 2015
  • Interaktive Analyse und Visualisierung der Erreichbarkeit in Verkehrsnetzen
    Henning Hollburg, Master's Thesis, 2013
  • Visualization of Building Information Models - Concept and Implementation of 3D Visualization Techniques.
    Christoph J. Knop, Master Thesis, 2007/2008
  • Navigation and Object Interaction in Virtual 3D City Models based on Sketches and Gestures
    André Calliess, Diploma Thesis, 2009
  • Acquisition, Processing, Provision, and Visualization of Indoor Tracking Data
    Bastian Brehmer, Master's Thesis, 2009
  • Concepts and Techniques for Collaborative Virtual 3D City Models
    Jan Klimke, Master Thesis, 2009
  • Design and Implementation of a Virtual 3D City Model of Historic Potsdam
    Claudia Schenk, Master's Thesis, 2011

Master's Project (Co-)Supervision

  • Winter 2017/18: ​Processing Massive Data for Visual Analytics (G. Berezc)
  • Winter 2016/17: Echtzeitvisualisierung von Sensordatenströmen (J. Hartmann)
  • Summer 2016: Sensor Data Analysis & Visualization, (F. Moritz)

Bachelor's Project & Thesis (Co-)Supervision

  • 2012/2013: Interaktive 3D-Modelle auf mobilen Geräten
  • 2011/2012: Mobile 3D-Apps: Services und Clients zur interaktiven 3D-Visualisualisierung
  • 2010/2011: 3D-Visualisierung für mobile Anwendungen auf SOA-Basis
  • 2008/2009: Smartbard-basiertes User-Interface für 3D-Stadtmodelle