Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner


Presentations at Expressive and SIGGRAPH Appy Hour 2018

On August 15th 2018, Max Reimann and Amir Semmo presented the demo "MaeSTrO: Mobile-Style Transfer Orchestration Using Adaptive Neural Networks" at SIGGRAPH Appy Hour, in ccoperation with the project partner Digital Masterpieces GmbH represented by Sebastian Pasewaldt. MaeSTrO is a mobile app for image stylization that empowers users to direct, edit and perform a neural style transfer with creative control. From August 17th-19th 2018 the working group also presented three contributions at the Joint Symposium on Computational Aesthetics, Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, and Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (Expressive)

  • The paper "MNPR: A Framework for Real-Time Expressive Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Computer Graphics" by Santiago Montesdeoca, Hock Soon Seah, Amir Semmo, Pierre Bénard, Romain Vergne, Joelle Thollot, and Davide Benvenuti,
  • The paper "Reducing Affective Responses to Surgical Images through Color Manipulation and Stylization" by Lonni Besançon, Amir Semmo, David Biau, Bruno Frachet, Virginie Pineau, El Hadi Ariali, Rabah Taouachi, Tobias Isenberg, and Pierre Dragicevic.
  • and the poster "Approaches for Local Artistic Control of Mobile Neural Style Transfer" by Max Reimann, Mandy Klingbeil, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Amir Semmo, Jürgen Döllner, and Matthias Trapp.

SIGGRAPH 2018 was held from 12th to 16th August in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Expressive 2018 was officially co-located with SIGGRAPH 2018 and took place from 17th to 19th August in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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