Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

CRC 614

CRC 614: Subproject B1 Design Techniques

The Collaborative Research Center 614 ''Self-Optimizing Concepts and Structures in Mechanical Engineering'', established in July 2002 at the University of Paderborn and funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, aims to create methods and tools for the development of self-optimizing systems and thus combines the two fields Mechatronics and Computer Science.

In the subproject B1 for software design techniques, we are developing UML-based design techniques for self-optimizing multi-agent systems (MAS) containing mechatronic components. A modeling language for discrete realtime systems is the foundation of our approach. This language supports compositional verification and domain-specific design patterns. Extensions allow modeling hybrid agents with discrete and continuous behavior and their online reconfiguration, with particular attention to safety and dependability.

Publications in CRC 614