Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Bachelor Projects

Winter term 18/19 - Summer term 19

Ask Your Repository! An infrastructure to categorize and retrieve project knowledge by combining voice conversational interfaces over project knowledge-bases enhanced by hybrid crowd-machine learning classifiers


Winter term 14/15 - Summer term 15

Ein Framework für Graphdatenbanken auf Basis von Graphtransformationen und Multi-Core Architekturen


Winter term 13/14 - Summer term 14

Intelligente Organisation von Design Thinking Artefakten


Winter term 12/13 - Summer term 13

From Creative Ideas to Well-Founded Engineering


Winter term 11/12 - Summer term 12

Von der Spezifikation zum Strandeinsatz


Winter term 10/11 - Summer term 11

Design Thinking meets Requirements Engineering

Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung für Multicore und Cloud Systeme


Winter term 09/10 - Summer term 10

Model-driven Software development


Winter term 08/09 - Summer term 09

A runtime environment for reconfigurable automotive software


Winter term 07/08 - Summer term 08

Performance assessment of UML Models for automotive software