Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

HPI Research School

The HPI Research School for "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" is the HPI graduate school, founded in 2005. The branches of the graduate school are in Cape Town, Haifa and Nanjing.

The HPI Research School has dedicated itself to the field of “Service-Oriented Systems Engineering.” The focus is on the design and implementation of service-based architectures.

These architectures target various research problems from software engineering, system modeling and analysis, as well as the adaptability and integration of applications.

"Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" represents a synthesis of best practices in object orientation, component-based development, distributed computing, and business process management. It also targets the integration of business needs and IT. The topics of the HPI Research School thus have a unique potential not only in terms of academic research but also in industrial application.

Members at the System Analysis and Modeling group