Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Project's Subject

Aim of the project is the elicitation of case studies of MDE approaches in different domains and their evolution. Thereby, techniques for supporting the elicitation of complex MDE approaches and for the evaluation of the productivity aspect changeability will be applied. In focus during the elicitation of the case studies are the applied manual and automated activities (e.g. generation steps or transformations) as well as the variety of use (modeling) languages. Additionally, it will be captured how each MDE approach was introduced or evolved from previously used approaches (e.g. by introduction of smaller generation steps to automate recurring tasks). In context of this project, we developed a modeling language that supports capturing MDE approaches [2]. In addition, we described first proto-patterns for analyzing how an MDE setting influences changeability of the software [1].

Captured and Planned Case Studies

  • SAP AG (summarized in [3]):
    • Development of Business Objects
    • Development of web services using the tool service implementation workbench (SIW)
    • Development of a user interface for SAP Net Weaver applications using the tool visual composer (VC)
    • Development of a user interface and application based on business objects using the tool Oberon
    • Personalization of business processes using the tool business rule framework (BRF)
    • Definition and automated execution of reporting with the tool (BW)
  • Capgemini: two case studies
  • Ableton AG: one case study 
  • Carmeq GmbH: one case study
  • VCat Consulting GmbH: one case study

Cooperation Partners

  • SAP AG
  • Ableton AG
  • Capgemini
  • Carmeq GmbH
  • VCat Consulting GmbH


  • On the Complex Nature of MDE Evolution. Hebig, Regina; Giese, Holger; Stallmann, Florian; Seibel, Andreas A. Moreira, B. Schaetz (reds.) (2013).
  • MDE Settings in SAP. A Descriptive Field Study. Technical Report (58), Hebig, Regina; Giese, Holger (2012).
  • Towards Patterns for MDE-Related Processes to Detect and Handle Changeability Risks. Hebig, Regina; Gabrysiak, Gregor; Giese, Holger (2012).
  • Toward a Comparable Characterization for Software Development Activities in Context of MDE. Hebig, Regina; Seibel, Andreas; Giese, Holger (2011).