Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Performance assessment for automotive Software (PerMAS)


Development and maintenance of software systems in the context of automotive systems is one the most difficult challenges for software engineering to tackle.  Recently automotive software has reached a degree of complexity that shows current development techniques' limitations.  This proposition is based on the observation that most of recent innovations in the automotive industry are established through software. For the future it is expected that the complexity increases further.

Industry's reaction on this evolution is the attempt to establish the development standard AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR)


Software for automotive systems is subject to the same restrictions that also holds for embedded systems. The software has to deal with limited resources and hard real-time constraints. These software properties are referenced to as performance properties. For these performance properties an early and accurate estimation is required. Using state of the art techniques makes it hard to do this estimation in a model based development process.


Within this project methods and approaches are investigated that allow for an early assessment of performance properties within a development process. To achieve this techniques that are able to assess as well as to compare architectural alternatives w.r.t. their performance properties are to be developed. The project is accomplished in cooperation with INCHRON1.

dSPACE2, one of the leading producer of engineering tools for development of mechatronic control systems, contributes a tool for modeling AUTOSAR specific architectures.