HPI Failure Nights

We hear a lot about the great success stories of entrepreneurs, but rarely about their failures. HPI Failure Nights is a series of events that tell stories about failure and what we can learn from them.


For our Failure Nights, we invite individuals to share their own failure stories in a room full of strangers. Entrepreneurs give a glimpse into their experiences where something went thoroughly wrong - from partnerships that failed, products that had to be recalled, or funding rounds that turned into a disaster.

With these Failure Stories, we don't want to scare anyone away from starting up, but rather encourage them that no one has all the right answers right away, and that it's all about tackling things, trying things out, and embracing every failure as an opportunity to grow. 

Our next Failure Night will be held on Thursday, Jan 26, 2023. More information will be published in due time.

In accordance with the basic idea of the format, the program of the individual events will not be published. There will be no recording.