HPI School of Entrepreneurship

The HPI School of Entrepreneurship motivates and empowers students, scientists and alumni of HPI and beyond to make a difference. Through tailored programs for digital engineers, numerous events, coaching and mentoring, we help to identify and use the potential of entrepreneurial thinking and action.

We ensure that ideas and digital technologies become sustainable, scalable and customer-centric products and startups with impact. Our team assists with startup and spinoff preparation, personal skills development, business planning, funding preparation and much more.

Together with the early-stage investor and startup cultivator HPI Seed, which offers funding, attractive space for startups on campus, and targeted growth support, we operate a growing innovation and startup ecosystem and foster the growth of a strong innovation and startup community inside and outside HPI.

As part of our offerings, we also collaborate with companies, other universities and further organization, because entrepreneurial impact needs a strong network and joint making. 


Our Core Programs

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All of our services are and will be tailored for our students, scholars and alumni. We include you, your thoughts, ideas and needs in all further steps at any time and with pleasure. If you like something or miss something, drop by, write us, call us.  


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