HPI Startup Dojo 2020

HPI Startup Dojo 2020 Wrap up

From September 3rd-5th the Startup Dojo 2020 took place. During the three-day workshop, 5 HPI-early stage Startups worked with more than 20 experts from different industries in 30 slots on their individual questions in the areas of marketing, sales, legal, venture capital, business model and product management. 

The participating start-ups Carmino, Craftdrive, Gemedico, Onetask.ai and ViSense were excited about their mentors and have been able to clarify many of their questions with the mentors during the intensive sessions.

The final BBQ in the villa of the Hasso Plattner Foundation was also a complete success. All participants were able to exchange their experiences and had the opportunity to network with each other while enjoying good food and drinks in the pleasant ambience of the Heiligen See.

We are already looking forward to the next Startup Dojo!


Participating Startups

5 startups from different industries attended the Startup Dojo in 2020. Each startup joins with their current individual painpoints and questions, which were tackled during the Dojo.

The Dojo startups of 2020 are:



Each participating startup was able to submit their current issues and pain points in the areas of sales, marketing, product management, business model, legal and venture capital.

For all startups, valuable mentors were found in each area to work with the teams during the Startup Dojo.

Below are some of the mentors of the HPI Startup Dojo in 2020.