Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich


International student achievements

As part of our teaching, we encourage our students to compete in national and international events, and in some cases even host them. So far in 2019, they had some notable success.

The participants of this-semester's Heuristic Optimization seminar were asked to tackle the notoriously hard Traveling Thief Problem. Their outstanding solution won the international Bi-objective Traveling Thief Competition at GECCO 2019, scoring almost double the points of the next-closest competitor.

The 2017 Bachelor Project combined an evolutionary algorithm with a sophisticated max-flow computation to optimize project schedules for our industry partner KPMG. Recently, their scientific results have been published at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS). Since their solutions fulfill the objectives better than the manual schedules of human dispatchers, their contribution reached the final of the 2019 "Humies" Human-Competitive Award.

In early July, the HPI co-hosted the German Collegiate Programming Contest. Drawing from their extensive training in the (Advanced) Competitive Programming seminar, two of our teams reached the Top 10.


Photo credit: P. Pošík

Prof. Friedrich accepting the 1st prize of the Bi-objective Traveling Thief Competition.

Photo credit: HPI/AE group

HPI students competing in the German Collegiate Programming Contest.