Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Nicolas Klodt

Chair for Algorithm Engineering
Hasso Plattner Institute

Office K-2.08

E-Mail: Nicolas.Klodt(at)hpi.de

Research Interests

I always loved everything that has to do with logic. Since the third grade I was member of a chess club and I played in tournaments for several years. In high school I was competing at the Mathematical Olympiad, winning multiple prices in the national rounds. That also let me be part of JuMa (Youth trains maths) which got me into contact with some cool concepts of maths that you normally learn much later.

After high school I decided that I want to do something more practical than pure maths, so I studied computer science. I quickly went back to the theory side but the more practical things I learned are still very useful to implement some of the ideas I have and test them on examples.

My current focus is mainly on randomized processes and algorithms. Finding patterns in seemingly random things and juggling with expectations and probabilities is quite fun and challenging. However, I am also drawn towards other topics of theoretical computer science which makes it rather hard to commit to a specific direction for future research.


Since 2021Ph.D. student at the chair for Algorithm Engineering, HPI Potsdam 
2019 - 2021Master of Science in IT-Systems Engineering
HPI, Potsdam
Thesis: “Epidemic thresholds for the SIS contact process on stars and clique stars”
2016 - 2019Bachelor of Science in IT-Systems Engineering
HPI, Potsdam
Thesis: “Run Time Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms for Time Series Compression”




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2024 [ nach oben ]

  • The Irrelevance of Influe... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Göbel, Andreas; Klodt, Nicolas; Krejca, Martin S.; Pappik, Marcus The Irrelevance of Influencers: Information Diffusion with Re-Activation and Immunity Lasts Exponentially Long on Social Network ModelsAnnual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2024
  • From Market Saturation to... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Göbel, Andreas; Klodt, Nicolas; Krejca, Martin S.; Pappik, Marcus From Market Saturation to Social Reinforcement: Understanding the Impact of Non-Linearity in Information Diffusion ModelsThe 23rd International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2024

2023 [ nach oben ]

  • Temporal Network Creation... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Cohen, Sarel; Friedrich, Tobias; Gawendowicz, Hans; Klodt, Nicolas; Lenzner, Pascal; Skretas, George Temporal Network Creation GamesInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2023: 2511–2519

2021 [ nach oben ]

  • Learning Languages with D... - Download
    Berger, Julian; Böther, Maximilian; Doskoč, Vanja; Gadea Harder, Jonathan; Klodt, Nicolas; Kötzing, Timo; Lötzsch, Winfried; Peters, Jannik; Schiller, Leon; Seifert, Lars; Wells, Armin; Wietheger, Simon Learning Languages with Decidable HypothesesComputability in Europe (CiE) 2021: 25–37
  • A Color-blind 3-Approxima... - Download
    Casel, Katrin; Friedrich, Tobias; Issac, Davis; Klodt, Nicolas; Seifert, Lars; Zahn, Arthur A Color-blind 3-Approximation for Chromatic Correlation Clustering and Improved HeuristicsKnowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) 2021: 882–891